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Ten English carved oak Gothic panels, late 15th / early 16th century, in a frame that is partly (or entirely?) of later construction.  Probably from the Norwich region (see "Literature" section, below).  The coat-of-arms is carved with interlocking branches and ribbons surrounding a shield with 5 hay stacks, 3 raindeer, and an "X" figure represinting St. Andrew's cross.  The eight smaller ogee-strap panels on the right and left of center include various ornaments such as grape vines, branches, and beasts, each measuring about 9.25" x 17".  The larger ogee-strap panel in the center is similar in decoration, measuring about 13.25" x 17".  


Sections of room paneling that include the family coat-of-arms and the best panels, would have been displayed front and center of a room, such as over a mantel. 


Total frame size: 67" x 43".


Condition:  Additional edging added to some panels.  Woodworm evidence on some panels.


Literature:  Four of the eight smaller ogee-strap panels are pictured on page 45, figure 45, in the book, English Decorations and Furniture of the Early Renaissance 1500 - 1650, by M. Jordain, published in 1924, with the caption, "Ogee-strap panels probably from Norwich or the neighbourhood".   In figure 46 on the same page is pictured an almost identical example of the one larger ogee-strap panel, with the same Norwich association.  On page 48, figure 52(2), ibid, is pictured a complete set of ogee-strap panels and a coat-of-arms in a frame, very similer to the section being offered here.  "The double-ogee scroll or strap, with ornamental fillings of various ornaments (especially the vine), was widespread throughout nearly all north-eastern Europe during the late 15th century.", ibid page 40.  Figure 1 on page xvii of the introduction pictures a complete paneled room of ogee-strap panels.  This book is a foremost work on English paneling.

Ten documented English Gothic panels, 15th/16th century, in a later frame (X11B)

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