This rare and magnificent chest consists of five panels of various scenes flanked by hermes and caryatids, with full dimension angel heads and other renaissance motifs across the front and sides.


Comparable pieces:  Early Danish furniture is rarely seen on the market, but a fine collection can be seen in the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.  A similar chest from the museum is pictured in the last image here (note the columns that extend into the frieze, with similar hermes and caryatids flanking arched panels, and angels in the frieze.  The museum example now has a later base molding, but probably originally had a base like the one offered here.


Construction and condition:  In a manner found on some other chest of northern European origin, the underlying carcus is constructed with plain flat timber, with all external carved parts nailed to the carcus. This is the original construction, but sometime later, all external carved pieces were shifted down in unison from the carcus about 1", almost certainly to accomponate an added new lock so that the lock keyhold would match up to the chest keyhole.  At this time, some of the horiziontal molding was replaced as well.  The only effect on the original look of the chest is the wider piece of horizontal molding at the top.  Two of the hinges have been repositioned, as evidenced in the photo of the back.


Width 82", height 40", depth 30".

A monumental Danish renaissance chest, first half 17th century (Q63)