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Germany, c.1520-1540 AD. A rectangular glass panel with lead-alloy frame; painted scene of Christ wearing the crown of thorns kneeling on the Via Dolorosa carrying the cross, armoured figures behind with halberds and pikes and a boy taunting him. See Barbara Butts and Lee Hendrix, Painting on Light Drawings and Stained Glass in the Age of Dürer and Holbein, Los Angeles, 2000, p.250.  The painterly technique, can be compared with the work of the Danube school, known for their dramatic emotionally charged artistic approach, creating startling effects of perspective, dynamism, and illumination. One can compare this panel to the design for stained glass in ink, of the same subject for a series of the Passion of Christ, by Abrecht Altdorfer, Regensburg, 1538 (see Butts and Hendrix, pp.250-251, fig.117").


250 grams, 22.5 x 15.5cm (8 3/4 x 6").


Provenance: Ex central London gallery; acquired Rieunier & Associes, 15 March 2004, lot 122.  


Fine condition, repaired.

German Renaissance stained glass panel, 16th century (X12)

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