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French Renaissance oak chest, late 16th to early 17th century, with a central panel door with a classical figure in a horse drawn chariot, with fluted Corinthean columns and figures on either side.  As typical with this style of chest, if opens from both the top and the front, an original configeration that is practical for easily accessing the interior.  


Width 48.5", height 33", depth 22".  This is a desirable, smaller size than most chests of this type.


Condition:  Highly original, retaining it's original statues in the front niches (which are usually missing) and its original base (which is usually missing or replaced).  Expected minor nicks, scuffing and wear with minor losses and restorations to the carving. Seam separations along the top, age split on the right side, some worming. Right back leg replaced.  Later bun feet, lock plate off.  Structurally sound.

French Renaissance oak chest, circa 1600 (X05)

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