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DESCRIPTION: France, month-running Comtoise clock, time and strike with alarm, weight driven movement with verge escapement, thread suspension with front-hanging pendulum in a posted iron case, convex faïence dial with Roman numerals for the hours, and Arabic numerals at the quarters, brass alarm ring with Arabic numerals, two brass hands, cast eagle spandrels, and cast fronton with central sun and eagle images, c1810. DIMENSIONS: 17in x 10.5in x 6in.


CONDITION: Faïence dial is in excellent condition. Cast spandrels and fronton are very good. Light rust on iron components. Both doors are absent. Suspension shroud measures 4.5 inches tall. The prevalence of the eagle symbol suggest that this clock was made during the rule of Napoleon, who preferred it to the Gallic rooster. The strike train has five wheels with the motion works being driven off of the third wheel in the train. The time train will require a larger-than-usual Morbier weight. No pendulum or weights with this clock. This clock was sold by French firm Ivoire Saint-Etienne on October 13th, 2012, lot number 21.

French month-going comtoise clock, early 19th century (U14)

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