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8 day, time and strike with alarm, weight driven movement with verge escapement, thread suspension with rear-hanging pendulum in a posted frame, 25 white enamel panels inset within cast brass dial, two iron hands, pieced brass spandrels, and topped by cast fronton with backward facing Gallic rooster.


Height 13.5, width 8.5, depth 5.5 inches.


CONDITION: Cartouche numerals are very good. The number "V" does have some cracks near the winding arbor hole. Fronton is very good. Half hour passing strike with an independent hammer. Suspension shroud measures 4.5 inches in height. Small amount of rust on the movement. Finely turned details on iron escape wheel arbor support, bell stand, and movement screws. Iron fan with three blades. Slight outward flare to the teeth on the contrate wheel. Fairly thin crown wheel. Small stepped feet on upright movement posts. Rear of suspension shroud is missing. Clock does not come with pendulum or weights. This clock was sold by French auction house Ivoire Saint-Etienne on October 13th, 2012 as lot number 12.

French comtoise clock, mid 18th century (U18)

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