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France, bronze-front Comtoise wall clock, 8 day, time and strike, weight driven movement with alarm, verge escapement, thread suspension with rear-hanging pendulum in an iron post and plate frame, early glazed tin glazed earthenware dial with concave center and convex chapter, Roman numerals for the hours, large Arabic numerals at 5 minute intervals, signed "Bondie a Tullin", cast bronze fronton with backward facing Gallic rooster above a medallion with the word "Liberté", two applied spandrels, end of 18th Century. DIMENSIONS: 15in x 9.75in x 6in

CONDITION: Earthenware dial some small chips above the one o'clock position and around the winding arbor holes. Otherwise, it is in very good condition. The strike train mechanism relies on springs rather than small counterweights typical of later Comtoise clocks. Steel components have light rust. Iron fly two blades. There are no feet on the upright steel movement pillars. Suspension housing measures 4.5 inches tall. Movement doors are absent. No weights or pendulum with clock. Sold by French firm Ivoire Saint-Etienne on October 13th, 2012, lot number 16.

French comtoise clock, late 18th century (U16)

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