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France, Comtoise clock, 8 day, time and quarter strike, weight driven movement with verge escapement, thread suspension with rear-hanging pendulum in an iron post and plate frame, convex white enamel dial with Roman numerals for the hours, two pierced brass hands, cast bronze fronton featuring the sun and/or Apollo, flowers, and a sheaf of wheat, c1800;


CONDITION: Enamel dial has a small losses at the 4 O'clock position and around the three winding arbors. There are also many fine hairlines. Missing spandrels on lower fronton casting. Short rear suspension shroud measures 2.75 inches in height. The clock strikes the quarters in ting-tang fashion on the two smaller bells and the hours on a single larger bell, which is now absent. The movement is clean and the weight cords modern. Four blade iron fan. Movement uprights spread at the bottom to form feet.

French quarter-strike comtoise clock, circa 1800 (U13)

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