A Dutch oak renaissance six-statue cupboard (Beeldenkast), 2nd quarter 17th century.


Height 79", width 67.5" at cornice (57.5" in mid section), depth 23.5" at cornice (19.5" mid section.


Condition:  Nearly all original and in excellent condition.  Bottom skirting added later, and replaced door locks.


Around 1620, a new design of four-door oak cupboards was introduced in Holland, one with six fluted columns on the front called a kolommenkast, and another more costly version with carved statues in place of three or all six columns, called a beeldenkast.


Comparable pieces:  


A similar Dutch cupboard is in the New York Met Musuem, and another is in the Rikzmuseum; see last two photographs here.  Another that sold at Christies auction can be seen at this link: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/Lot/a-dutch-oak-cupboard-beeldenkast-circa-1650-5096713-details.aspx

A Dutch oak cupboard (Beeldenkast), 17th century (Q09)