A Flemish renaissance oak court cupboard
17th century

Height 82", width 63", depth 24"

Cupboards of this design, with small doors above an open area in the upper section, were made in great quantities in the 19th century, but 17th-century examples such as this one are quite scarce. This example includes six carved scenes of the life of Christ in full relief.

Lower section opens to two small drawers side-by-side along the top and a shelf in the middle. Both top and lower doors have the original large inset iron locks.

Provenance: "Oude Walle" castle, Lovendegem Belgium.

Condition: Basically all original and is good, sturdy condition, but with a few losses to the carved scenes on the doors. Locks are in good functioning order with large early key.

A renaissance oak court cupboard, Flemish, 17th century (F43)

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