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An English six-boarded oak coffer with exceptional carved Gothic motifs.


Most six-boarded chests with Gothic motifs are of simple geometric design as illustrated in the Victoria & Albert example, shown here.   Four other examples are illustrated in Victor Chinnery's, "Oak Furniture, The British Tradition", pages 179, 358, and 413.   The chest being offered has the same type of design in the center section, but is unique in the two human figures (apostles) on either side, which makes it particularly interesting.  Six-boarded chest of geometric design were first made in the late 15th century, but some were made in later periods copying the earlier designs (see "A History of English Furniture, The Age of Oak", by Percy MacQuoid, figure 8, pictured here).  


Condition:  In excellent condition overall, retaining the full length of the legs and the original spendrals (with one small repair on the left spandral).  The lock is early, but associated, and the lock latch is later and possibly the hinges as well.   The till box has been removed.  Normal wood shrinkage on all wide surfaces, and small amounts of worm holes in various places.


Width 41", height 24", depth 13"



An English six-boarded carved oak chest, 16th/17th century (R01)

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