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A large Gothic-period oak chest front with linenfold panels, circa 1500-1530.  The center section of each linenfold panel is carved with various designs.  Retains it's original spandrels, and an old lock plate.  


The finish appears to be the original, and has a desirable ancient look.


Width 63", height 29", depth 2"


Over the centuries, the fronts of early chests with decorative carvings were often saved when the rest of the chest may have fallen into disrepair and was descarded.


Suggested uses:  Antique chest fronts can make a striking accent piece for a room.  They may be used as an overmantel, a footboard or headboard to a bed (attached to the wall or to the bed frame), or simply as artwork attached to a wall.

A linenfold oak chest front, early 16th century (V42)

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