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An attractive gothic throne chair, circa 1480-1510, with a pierced gothic tracery cresting, the large back panel made from a single plank of riven wood centered between two carved columns attached to the side posts, with linenfold panels to the lower front and sides.


A rare find in this excellent condition.  It is essentially all original including the columns, the seat, and probably the cresting (although this cannot be assured since these were often lost).  The only restoration appear to be to the two right feet.  The lock is working and includes a key.


Height 75.5", width 29.5", depth 18.5"


Note: Throne chairs could be afforded only by the upper classes of society, and then only one chair was used by the father of the household or his honored guest.  Others had to sit on stools or benches.  Accordingly, original throne chairs are scarce and not aften seen on the market today.   


A French Gothic oak throne chair, late 15th or early 16th century (W21)

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