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A Flemish renaissance oak dressoir
16th century

Height 62.5", width 47.5", depth 21"

The doors carved with Romayne panels probably representing a husband and wife, the center panel carved with a floral arrangement, the drawers carved with dragons.

Condition: Overall in good condition, with normal wear, repairs, and replacements common for it's age.  The base of the legs are old replacements, as are the boards at the very top. There are several other minor repairs throughout, mainly small patches along the legs and a small patch on the lower left corner of the left door. No door locks. Woodworm damage on one rail on the right side. The drawers are original, but the inside drawer runners have been replaced (as may be expected from wear). Also, the bottom shelf appears to be original which is hard to find in dressoirs this early.

A Flemish renaissance oak dressoir, mid 16th century (L32)

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