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A renaissance oak cupboard
Early 17th century or late 16th century

Height 69" Width 58" Depth 24"

The age of this piece can be established by various factors. The style of the carving on the door panels is typical of the late 16th/early 17th century. Also, the carving on the stiles and rails is known to have existed from the late 16th century. The plain molding on the top is typical of the 16th century; by the early 17th century, the molding was nearly always carved or the top contained a carved frieze. The overall size and shape of the cabinet is typical of Flemish 4-door cupboards earlier in the 16th century, but this is the only one of this size and shape that I have seen with open shelves in the lower section. However, 16th-century cupboards from France typically have 2-door above an open section on the bottom.

Condition: The lower half of each corner post was replaced at some later time. It is also possible that the shelves were replaced at that time.

A Flemish oak cupboard (or credence, dressoir), early 17th century (F80)

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