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Width 28", height 10 1/2"

A rare choir plaque with two crossed brooms in the center and reads. This would have hung on the side of the Choir Stall to encourage the choir members.

the text reads as follows:

De bezemkuis
Reinigt het huis
van onkuishede
t Was te Wenschen
Dat alle menschen
ook zoo deden

It translates to:

The broom cleans the house of impurities
We could wish that all people did so too

A curator at the Rijksmuseum, gave a loose translation as follows:

The clean broom Cleans the house From all impurities
Would that all Men did likewise

The translator who did the first translation above explained that in the old Dutch, line 1 rhymes with line 2, line 4 rhymes with line 5, and line 3 rhymes with line 6, so it is a rhyming proverb.

A Flemish oak choir plaque, mid 17th century (K08)

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