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Size: 27" wide x 10 1/4" high

This would have hung on the side of the Choir Stall to encourage the choir members. The text reads as follows:

De zegen des Heere
Naar mijn Hantere
Ik verwacht
Hij zal regeren
Tot zijner eere
Bij dag en bij nacht
Anno 1644

This translates into English as follows:

The blessing of the Lord to my actions I expect
He shall rule to His honor by day and by night

A curator at the Rijksmuseum gave just a slightly difference "loose" translation, as follows:

The blessing of the Lord on my doings I expect
He will reign to His honour day and night

The translator who did the first translation explained that in the old Dutch, lines 1 & 2 rhyme with lines 4 & 5, so it is a rhyming proverb.

A Flemish oak choir plaque, mid-17th century (dated 1644) (K09)

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