A small Flemish baroque cupboard
Third quarter 17th century

Height 42", Width 35", Depth 23"

This cupboard has an attractive geometric pattern painstakingly made up from small pieces of molding, a pattern that was widely popular in Flanders in the mid-17th century. The barley-twist columns with their well-carved Corinthian capitals point this piece as being from the early Baroque period. The small holes in the doors were there for ventilation, a feature not uncommon in 17th-century pieces. Many of these one-door cupboards originally had a linen press built onto the top, but with advances in technology, the linen press parts became useless and were removed long to leave a more practical flat surface. Such is the case with this piece as evidenced by the two small wood plugs on the top.

Condition: The backboards are later but old, and the brass drawer pull is a replacement. The back left leg has been repaired.

A Flemish Baroque 1-door cupboard, 17th century (H10)