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Jan Bernink, Amsterdam, 1735-1795, and is known to be active in 1767 according to the book, "Nederlandse klokken-en horlogemakers vanaf 1300", by Enrico Morpurgo.  In the book, several locations are mentioned where his clocks can be found.  


The dial has apertures for the date, the month, the day of the week, and phases of the moon. It is finely engraved (even my Amsterdam standards of the day) with various scenes in the arch, signs of the Zodiac in two apertures, and an unusually fine cut-out name plate.  At the center is a setting dial for the alarm, which operates my a mechanism at the side of the movement.


Height 111" with the finals, 98" without the finials, and 92" with the finials and upper dome removed (for a fit into a 8' ceiling).   Width 28", depth 14". 


Condition: The case and movement have been expertly restored, and the clock (including the alarm) function well.  The case originally had additional cut fret work on the hood above the dial and on the sides, which has now been restored with figured walnut matching the rest of the case.  The Altas and angel finials are painted aluminum reproductions from Holland (the shorter ball and sphere finials shown in some of the photos do not belong to this clock).  Replaced door hinges and lock.

A fine Dutch figured walnut longcase clock with full calender, 18th c. (S05)

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