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The complex dial of extra large size, showing the date, the month, the days of the week, with subsidiary dials for strike or no strike, and another for music or no music, and in the arch is a moon dial and the names of six tunes, with a tune selector lever on the right side of the dial.  Unsigned.


The substantial movement with 9 bells and 17 hammers for the musical train, with two additional bells for striking the hour and the quarter-hour (the hour bell missing).  Five pillers, and a pull-quarter repeat mechanism.


The associated mahogony case in the Dutch Louis XVI style of the late 18th century (note the rosettes on the door and the shape of the base).  


Case height 8'4"; Dial height 22" at arch, 15.5" at side, 15.5" width.


Condition: The case is associated with the movement and dial.  The movement is clean and appears to be in excellent condition and complete except for the tip of the hour bell stand is broken and needs re-welding, and a connecting rod is missing between two levers the strike mechanism.   (The hour bell and stand tip are present, but not shown in the photos.)  All bells ring nicely, and in a proper succession of notes in tune with each other.  I have not texted the movement for functionality.  

A large Dutch musical longcase clock, 19th century (W15)

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